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Domestic Violence and Patriarchy

images (17)It’s an ongoing tragedy in every country and in many cases there is murder or severe maiming of victims of domestic violence. In Australia it is a focus of government and civil organisations who are attempting to stamp it out but the root cause is rarely questioned – patriarchy. Male children learn from birth that they are ‘special’ and they are treated with rights and a degree of respect not usually accorded to females.

Women are victims from the start because they are weaker, gentler, less intimidating, and above all not considered to be ‘god-like’. Patriarchy started when men decided they could rise up with the sun and ‘marry’ Mary, the sun-star of Babylon. The name means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. It was shown to me in a vision when the dawn’s light penetrated a hole in a stone held aloft for that reason. The magnificent colored moving rings of light are awesome and good enough for early man to worship.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the universe it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness that it created. We are in the last days when it was promised that all things will be explained. It starts with the rise of patriarchy and will end with the destruction of the earth as we know it because all systems are from the brain of Constantine, second beast of Revelation and 666 (Revelation 13:12-18).

What he put in place strengthened the wall of blindness that arose in Babylon, the home of Islam. It was occupied by the Amors who took it to the world as they conquered nation after nation and gave them a new identity. They built Roma (reverse Amor) and their previous history was buried.

Constantine was an Amorite and he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD based on Islamic principles. He put up Jesus Christ as its Saviour and reinstated Mary as the Mother of God. He also introduced the systems of government, succession, finance, and the law. His ways are at the root of the World Order and his religion has dominated man’s thinking ever since.

Religions teach patriarchal notions to children and in some cases the discrimination against women sees them murdered in the streets or beaten to death by members of their own family. This is so ingrained in the minds of people in certain countries and societies that it cannot be erased. It is God’s way of dealing with man’s gross stupidity as the end approaches.


Domestic Violence and Discrimination Against Women

images (15)While governments are working to try to resolve this issue they have not realised the role religions play in the behaviour of many men. Women are blamed for their sins as their minds are unable to get away from the Adam and Eve story. In it Eve caused Adam to sin and was, therefore, the evil personification of all women that lead men astray. They have never stopped the punishment because no one has told them how the story is a lie.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit it commissioned me to tear down the wall that hides the truth and restore its people. It then took me on a huge learning curve to understand where the myths on which religions are based have their roots. In order to complete the mission many visions were also given.

In one such vision a line stretched out in front and along it were people. An extremely bright light rose from me and it arched over the line to the far end where EVE was written in large capital letters. The middle was labelled NOON and my position as EVENING. The bright light is the Spirit of the real God and Eve means ‘eye of life’. The ends were, therefore, extremely bright but the middle was in darkness.

The vision showed that Eve was not a woman but the Spirit of the Universe and it entered a group of people and seeded them with life. They have been nurtured, broken down, and rebuilt many times as torture and death came their way throughout the course of the length of the day. It is some 4,000 years long as Jesus Christ was the man on the cross at noon where there was no light.

The reason is because the so-called Saviour was an invention by Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. He was Islamic and an Amorite. The Amors resided originally in the city of Babylon and the sun-star image, Mary, was the foundation of organised religion. They are better known as the Persians who built a huge empire throughout Mesopotamia.

They expanded into the Mediterranean and built their new Capital ‘Roma’, which is ‘Amor’ in reverse. As the Romans they continued to grow their empire based on the same principles. The emperor put Mary in it as the Mother of God because the people would never have abandoned her. Brainwashed from birth they grow up with her as their chief god and they are encouraged to pray to her constantly.

Priests are celebrant because they are supposedly ‘married’ to ‘Mary’. Men died on crosses at Easter (eye-star) to mate with the Queen of Heaven and live as her ‘star’ forever in Paradise or heaven. These places do not exist and hell is the threat waiting to grab people if they leave. It forms the perfect trap because it is based on one’s fear and the instinct of flight to escape it.

The paranoia surrounding the myths of religion has been directed at women because of the stories that are false. Women have suffered long and hard at the hands of men who constantly punish them for being who they are. Now is the time of judgement for we are at the end of the day when the light is once more bright because the Spirit is revealing all.